Email automation is the process of sending automatic emails as a way of supplementing your marketing strategy. Was there too much jargon in that last sentence? In layman’s terms, it’s a message that gets sent without the need to click the “send” button. Let’s take a look at four reasons why you need email automation.

01. It’s Automatic

Never underestimate the importance of an automatic marketing tool. The fact that you don’t need to bother configuring settings saves time, and you can invest it in other areas of the firm. Automation is 24/7 but it isn’t infallible, which is why managed IT services are important. Should anything go awry, then the aforementioned computer geeks can put the strategy back on track.

02. Cultivates Leads

A lead has a lifecycle and you need to figure out its lifespan before it dies. It can be within a couple of hours, minutes or seconds of a customer landing on the page. People need convincing as early as possible to encourage conversions. Otherwise, they lose interest and move on. Configuring an email blast to coincide with website interest can help to manage leads. In this case, an email is an unobtrusive yet informational resource.

03. Helps Sales

Marketing has come a long way in the past five years, but it is still a guessing game. To raise a person’s awareness of your brand, your company needs to ensure you are engaging them with content. Automation workflow is different as the sales team can see what emails have piqued interest and what haven’t. Even better, they can break it down into demographics and target groups and individuals separately. The personal touch adds value and only heightens the impact.

04. Fewer Errors

Writing an email means there is a chance that there may be an error. From a customer’s point of view, this is unnerving because it’s unprofessional. If they can’t trust you to deliver a grammatically correct email, then they can’t believe the business will deliver on its promises. Automation is helpful because it proofreads the content beforehand and shows you the errors. There’s a small chance of a typo going unnoticed.

Using email automation will make your life easier, and your to-do list a little shorter!