Are you running a business that employs several people? If so, then you will know how important it is to make sure that your team is happy and produces their best work – for themselves and for your brand. However, sometimes making sure your employees are engaged can fall down your list of priorities. Is that a problem if it does?

There are many reasons why you should ensure that each and every one of the people you employ – whether you have a small business or are in charge of a large team – are engaged with you and your company. These are some of the points why you should make engagement one of your top business concerns.

You improve employee wellbeing

When staff are engaged and happy when they’re at work, their overall physical and mental health is positively affected. If your team is in good health, then they will perform better. Research from Gallup has found that 62% of employees who are engaged believe their work positively affects their physical health, and 78% say their work lives benefit them psychologically.

You build relationships and trust

As a manager, you can build trust among your employees by using open communication, camaraderie, and honesty. Employee engagement will let a brand feel more like a community when its management is open and truthful with its teams. So, by giving your staff a voice and recognizing their contributions, you can create better trust.

You can do this by using engagement activities, having get-togethers, and implementing open-door policies. Measuring morale, plus offering support and feedback, can also build trust in your workplace – you can use an employee engagement survey from to do this, for instance.

You will attract and keep the best talent

If you have a high turnover rate, then it might be that your employees aren’t engaged enough. Those people who are engaged will be more invested and will be less likely to want to leave their role – yet if you find your best employees aren’t engaged, then there’s a significant risk that you could lose them. So, your top people must be engaged, so they stay with your brand and keep doing what they do best.

You will need to work out why your employees are not engaged if you have high turnover rates at your company. People will notice when your best staff leave, and you will not want a domino effect.

You will have better customer satisfaction

Those employees of yours who are passionate, loyal, and happy with their role will interact with your customers better than those who are not. So, when employees go above and beyond for your customers and are valued by your brand, then they are more likely to offer a better customer experience consistently – which will then lead to better customer satisfaction.

So, if you engage your employees, you will discover they are more likely to put in the effort – which leads to better productivity and happier teams. This, in turn, means your customers will get a better experience.