Working from home has long been a go-to for parents across the world, especially as online sites like Pinterest have made it possible to market, sell, and a whole lot besides from wherever you are.

However, as recent events unfold and more kids are staying home to stay safe, the need to both work from home and homeschool has left many in a tailspin. This isn’t what you had in mind when you set up, after all, and you’re likely wondering how on earth to manage the two.

The good news is that countless parents manage just that. In fact, many find that the need to balance homeschooling on the side teaches them a fair amount about their business itself. But, what are these lessons, and how can you put them to good use during this challenging time?

# 1 – You can’t do it alone

It’s incredible how many of us try to juggle everything relating to our businesses ourselves. But, as this homeschooling balancing act should have taught you, there’s simply no practical way to keep a business afloat single-handedly. As soon as something else demands your time, it’s all too easy to drop the ball. By comparison, a WHM parent who realizes the need for help is in a much better position to weather any storm. A simple outsourcing of managed IT services would certainly help you avoid downtime while you focus on the kids. And, employing a team means that you’d never need to panic again if things didn’t go 100% according to plan.

# 2 – Routine is crucial

Most WHM parents already know a thing or two about routine, but the chances are that you didn’t truly realize its importance until now. The fact is that setting clear work hours in which you complete a pre-planned to-do list is your best chance at juggling business and personal. For instance, if you have a work to-do list for the day, you’ll know when you can take a break to teach the kiddies, and vice versa. That’s a level of skill that simply won’t be possible if you try to ‘wing this,’ a mistake which could lead to your failing on both counts.

# 3 – You can’t compromise on boundaries

You likely have a locked office and a no-entry rule for your kids as it stands, but suddenly having them home can show just how vital boundaries are. Only by making it clear when they shouldn’t disturb you do you stand any chance at completing your work. Equally, only by leaving your work phone in the office do you stand any chance at immersing yourself in your kid’s lessons. In other words, it should only ever be one or the other, never both.

Is homeschooling and running a business easy? Not at all. Luckily, it isn’t going to last forever. And, when lockdown finally ends, you may well find that you can apply these lessons to your business ethics in more ways than this one.