Vara Saripalli

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Licensed Psychologist

Hi! I’m a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with women who are experiencing anxiety as they try to do big, bold, and new things. I help ambitious women break free of patterns of “stuckness” to make powerful choices that change their lives.

I was born in Detroit, moved to India when I was ten, and lived there till I finished college with a degree in electrical engineering. After several years of working at various engineering and technical jobs, and crying most days at work, I decided to make a career change and went to school to get a doctoral degree in psychology. It took a little longer than I thought it would since I had a baby along the way. Soon after graduating I realized I wanted the freedom of having my own business, even if it meant loss of job security and more work, and started a private practice. As someone who is constantly fine-tuning how to juggle life, family, and a new business, I feel privileged to help others who are doing the same.

When not at work, I love to travel, read – especially science fiction and fantasy – and watch movies where things get blown up.