Thanks to the internet, more people than ever have been able to work remotely within their current role or set up shop and completely work for themselves. To be able to work from home, you really do need to be self motivated with plenty of discipline. If you know that you’re able to set your own schedule and get things done, it can be a fantastic way to go. A job where there’s no commute and no travel costs are always going to be perks! Here are a few ideas for things you could do from home to earn you money.

Start a Business

Starting a business from home can be tiring work with long hours, but if you use time saving platforms and outsource some areas you can make it much easier for yourself. Look into things like answering service pricing, or hire a marketing company to deal with your advertising. This allows you to earn money but without having to do a million jobs yourself, making it easier and more flexible for you. Of course you have the option of hiring staff, however if you want to keep your venture as a small, home- based business then it can be easier (and often cheaper) to simply assign the work to a third party professional company.

Write a Blog

It’s possible to earn money from blogging these days. Many people who started their blog as a hobby have been able to turn this into a full time source of income. In some cases it can take a number of years to get established where advertisers want to pay to work with you. If you’re an engaging writer, it’s a fantastic, fun career. Business blogs for example do well as business clients are some of those most likely to invest in marketing like blogger outreach.


You could work as a freelancer full time, or use it as a backup method to earn money when work for your blog or business is a little slow. You can sign up to a freelancing site, and after a short skills test, you’re free to bid on work whenever you want. You’re not contracted to work a minimum amount, while each project will have a deadline you can choose how many or what work you take on so you can fully control your workload. In time you can build up your own clients and work directly with them.

When you work for yourself, there will always be busier and quieter times. Having your fingers in many pies can be helpful here, as when one kind of work has slowed down it could pick up in another. It can be liberating when you’re able to work remotely from home!