Connecting with creative-minded women entrepreneur always inspire me in so many ways. That is the main reason I started the meetup group Creative Women Conversations earlier this year. I know there are other similar group/meetings/events out there, but I wanted to create one where not only I can connect and build my network but also giving them a safe environment to be vulnerable and to be able to reach out to the other creative women or entrepreneur within the group.

One of my plan was to also create a meeting that’s more casual than our brunch event. So I teamed up with Jacqueline from Tweaked Style and host our first Cocktails & Conversations for the group at Summer House Santa Monica Chicago.

At the event, I feel like the ambiance was just right. I can see that everyone were so engaged in the conversations as if they were just chatting with their friends. The only difference is, we actually were talking about everyone’s business goals for 2016! I hear so many women entrepreneur who work remotely that they are often times lonely and needed to bounce ideas with others, so this was it. Only in more fun & relax environment. Enough said, checkout the photos from the event below and if you’re interested in attending one of the events, checkout more info here.

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