As a business owner, you’re going to be responsible for managing the different parts of your business – especially at the beginning when you’re just getting things up and going and perhaps don’t have the budget or resources to outsource or hire people to do the things that aren’t exactly within your zone of genius or that you really don’t enjoy doing.

However, as you grow and scale, you’re going to have to ensure that you have good systems in place that can help you achieve this – otherwise you could soon find that your business soon becomes a bit of a chaotic mess and that you end up suffering from burnout or overwhelm – neither of which are fun, and should be avoided at all costs.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some simple systems that every business owner needs to have, and you’ll probably be surprised by how easy they are to set up and manage.

Marketing system:

If you’re not marketing your business, then no one will know you even exist, but the issue that many business owners face, especially when starting out is that they spend a lot of time marketing, get some clients, focus on doing the work, neglect the marketing and then once those projects come to a halt, they realize they have to start the whole process over again and start panicking because they don’t have any clients. This is not a good or sustainable way to run a business, so the best thing you can do if have a clear system that allows you to work with clients and market at the same time, and since this can be automated then it’s something you’ll only have to set up once and just maintain.

Sales system:

It’s all very well having good marketing systems in place, but you need to have a system that allows you to easily move those prospects through your funnel to actually signing up as clients. Setting up a sales process is really not difficult and can also be mostly automated.

Onboarding system:

Whether you’re signing up new clients or hiring new team members, you should have a system that’s created to help you onboard them effectively. For example, do you have to send out a contract or consulting agreement or an overview of your company for new team members? Then instead of creating and sending these manually each time, create a process in which they go out automatically to save time and help you look professional and organized.

Time management system:

Time is truly the biggest asset we have, and whether we’re business owners or not, how we’re spending our time each day is hugely important. As a business owner it’s even more important that you have a system in place for managing your time in a way that suits you. Things like time blocking, batching tasks and using certain techniques to help you focus are all going to play a role in managing your time effectively so that you can focus on the most important tasks that are actually generating revenue for your business.