It’s so easy to ask your employees to do what you say. But when we get into this rut we end up leading an organization of sheep. To create a business that’s thoroughly autonomous and smart in every sense of the word, we’ve got to focus on motivating our employees and keeping them creative. But what can we do to ensure that this becomes a part of the fabric of the business?

Give Them Tools To Aid Their Work

Whether it’s a desktop app for VDR processes or voice dictation software, if you can help your employees to work smarter instead of harder this gives them the opportunity to diversify. Sometimes our employees can focus on one task so much that all the others fall by the wayside. We need to encourage our employees to diversify their efforts but this means that for them to become fully autonomous we need to give them the right tools. When we start to encourage our employees to work with the right tool, or even automate certain processes, this gives them the chance to focus on other areas of their job.

Focus On A Positive Working Environment

When we continually dish out targets the morale can take a dip. We have to figure out creating a positive working environment. Your employees need to feel supported but they also need the freedom to create. There are things that you can do to make this easier. You could implement an open-door policy or create new company traditions. And while it won’t change the business overnight when you start to sew in the idea of a positive working environment, people will flock to you. People always want a company that they are happy to work for and this usually means that the job they do doesn’t really factor into their decisions. If people are happier they will work better.

Lead From A Distance

We have to remember that everybody is an individual. If we start to lead with an iron fist and continually analyze everyone’s little move it won’t create a positive environment. Learning to lead from a distance and being more hands-off with your employees is a hard thing to come to terms with. But if you want to help your employees you’ve got to trust them. The only way you can show your employees that you really trust them is to take a step back.

Focus On Personal And Professional Development

If we want our employees to be smarter we’ve got to invest in their development. It should be a priority of any business. When you invest time and money in your employees’ professional and personal development it helps the business but it also empowers them. You’re also showing your employees, in no uncertain terms, that you are looking out for them. They will feel more confident in their abilities and will want to do a good job for you. That way, everybody wins!

Encouraging smarter employees is partly to do with implementing autonomous processes but if we really want our employees to feel empowered and confident in their abilities it’s about sewing these practices into the fabric of the company.