It happens to all of us at some point. We wake up one day and we’ve just lost our spark when it comes to work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your own business or you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, sometimes your inspiration naturally ebbs away and you realize that you’re just going through the motions. So if this happens to you, what on earth do you do? There are ways to get your mojo restarted with work, so spend a little time and you could soon re-find that spark.

Connect With Others

Sometimes the best tonic is connecting to others who have a passion in the same area. Hearing other people talk about why they do what they do can give you the spark to approach things with new eyes. So find some local networking events, go to listen to a thought leader in your field do a talk or join some LinkedIn Groups for specialist topics in your industry. It just might remind you why you fell in love with it all in the first place.

Learn Something New

When we become very good at what we do, and it stops feeling like a challenge, our brain can become disengaged and we lose that connection to what we’re doing. Challenge that feeling by learning something. It can be simple, or something more significant. From easy internet courses on time management to something more complex and specialist such as taking on an MBA or an advanced physical therapy degree. Finding out something new and advancing your knowledge in an area that you already love is a great experience.

Find Your Balance

When our working lives take over a bit too much and we lose our work life balance we can quickly begin to burn out and experience a loss of enthusiasm. Leisure time may seem unimportant or easy to give up if you have a huge project on or you’re trying to launch a business, but it definitely has a part to play in keeping you fresh, enthusiastic, focused and motivated – all qualities you need to success. So make sure to schedule some time off like you would any other important appointment. Make time to exercise, see friends and just be still with yourself, enjoying a favourite podcast or reading a book. It really can make a tremendous difference to your attitude about work.

Map Out Your Progress

Seeing just how far you’ve come can also really help sometimes. Taking a few moments to sit down and map out your career path to do, your major achievements and looking at what attracted you to the role you currently do can give you a boost. Revisit your original job spec and remind yourself how you felt when you were first coming into the role. Imagine what questions you would ask if someone else was interviewing for the role and you were in charge. Try and sell yourself once more on the positives of your job. If you can recapture some of that feeling it will remind you what you loved and help you reconnect with it.