There are blogs all over the internet, found in every corner, hole and through every veil. Think of a topic, and someone has probably blogged about it. Is there an issue with this? Of course not! Discussion and expression is how we grow as a society. However, it can be important to know that running a business blog can sometimes take you away from the usual posts that might occur when you’re reviewing personal experiences or posting your own trials and tribulations.

A business blog is a worthy means of shining a light on your business efforts, and trying to remain overwhelmingly helpful as a result. But in the end, you can also find that the need for self-censorship, deep proofreading and setting the blog up in the first place can be tougher than it looks. Should this stop you from achieving this? Absolutely not. You likely have a fiery interest in connecting with your audience if this is even a possibility. And yet with our following advice, we think you could develop something beyond your wildest dreams.

Find A Reliable Web Host And Domain

The best web hosting services take the best practice of web design and allow you continually support should you need it. On top of that, stellar security, the ability to purchase or port your own domain name and the capacity for you to edit your site to some capacity can be essential. We would also recommend choosing the name of your domain wisely. Make it creative.

For example, if you want to run a website dedicated to business entrepreneurship, and your name is Rachel, ‘’ might sound like a great idea. However, something such as ‘powerfulbusinessadvice’ might be even better, because it signifies a mood, and can be easier to remember. Consider how spelling might also influence how reachable you are. For example ‘entrepreneur’ can be an easy word to misspell, and someone might accidentally come across the wrong site in search of yours as a result. Domain names matter, so be sure to stay wise.

Show Your Credentials

While a gaming or lifestyle blog might be run by almost anyone, with business advice, people want to see your credentials. Show who you are, or what you have achieved. Market yourself, perhaps alongside business consultancy services you offer. If you’re a business, make that a front and centre consideration, showing that you are quite literally in the game and thus have some authority to choose the topics you have. This can be a worthwhile means to gain an air of legitimacy.

Stay Updated

Keep your blog active. If the last post was over a month ago, those who visit your blog will likely not return. The idea of a blog is to be present, to continually keep one foot in the present. No matter how timeless your business advice is, you can rarely expect anyone to read past the second page of your blogging listings, unless they come towards it through great SEO practice. If you can do this, staying updated can net you many more visitors. A dedicated writer or time spent doing this each day and be a worthwhile investment.