Self development is so important- it keeps us improving ourselves, working towards our goals and prevents us from falling into a rut. It keeps us on track and ensures we’re living authentically to ourselves and generally being the best we can be- but where exactly do we start? Self development sounds complex but actually, there are lots of things you can do without even needing to leave the house. They’re small things that make a genuine difference overall, but can easily fit into your life.

Write a blog

There are so many benefits to blogging. It gives you freedom to be creative and write about things that interest you, while building your knowledge and skills when you research and write up your content. It helps you to connect with likeminded people online, and later down the line, it can earn you money too. On top of this, a blog looks great on your CV and is something potential employers will appreciate regardless of the industry you work in (or plan on working in). It shows that you commit time and effort to something and is a productive hobby.

Study an online course

Education is more accessible than ever, no longer do you need to go to university full time for years to get the qualifications or education you need to succeed in your career. Whether it’s a degree in English, engineering or a bachelor of social work online, there are thousands of options and are flexible so they can be studied in a way that suits you.

Start a creative hobby

Unfortunately, many of us work jobs that limit our creativity, which can cause it to wane. Having creative hobbies can help to keep that part of your brain working well, not to mention it’s fun! You could start painting or drawing, baking, design on Photoshop or take photographs. There are plenty of things you could do right from your home or garden so no need to hire a babysitter or be put off due to the time constraints of getting to a class.


No longer do you need to go to a bookshop and spend ages scouring to find a great read. These days, right from your Kindle, tablet or phone you can search endless titles on Amazon. Ask friends for recommendations or browse categories that you’re interested in. Reading is great way to relax while keeping your mind sharp, so much better for you than binge watching Netflix!


Unlike blogging which is writing for an audience, journaling is all about writing for yourself. The human brain is a complex thing, even the most intelligent scientists on earth don’t fully understand it. But we do know that much of our brain is fueled on subconscious thoughts, and so can be motivated, stressed or unhappy due to things we don’t even realize we’re thinking about. Journalling can help you to make sense of your mind and emotions, it’s useful if you’re dealing with negative emotion as rather than it swirling round and round in your brain, writing it out can help you to make sense of things.


Exercise is good for mind, body and soul- but you might be put off by the idea of visiting a gym. Maybe you’re pushed for time, struggle getting a babysitter or just don’t like working out in front of other people. That’s fine- just exercise at home instead! Buy yourself some exercise equipment, or follow along to a video on youtube. Get yourself a hula hoop, a trampette or a skipping rope and use it out in the garden. Just thirty minutes a day can do incredible things for the way you look and feel.

Get prepared the night before

As moms, business owners and/ or career women, we lead busy lives. In order to make things run as smoothly as possible, we absolutely have to be organised with our time and much of this involves preparing for the days or week ahead. Each evening, wash and iron your clothes for the next day and lay them out. Pack up your lunch and work bag, and get a shower. That way you can get up in the morning, get dressed and have time to eat breakfast and get to where you need to be without any rushing or panicking.

Wake up earlier

Getting up earlier has been shown to be hugely beneficial- we’ve all heard the stories of how successful people are up before everyone else. But it’s true, getting up early is the key to feeling motivated and productive all day. But of course, you need to be getting enough sleep to make this work which means going to bed earlier too.

Organize your home

When your home is organized, you always know where things are when you need them. There’s no rummaging or digging for items at the last minute, and a tidy environment can promote feelings of wellbeing and reduce stress. Go through and declutter your home, finding storage solutions for everything you plan on keeping.

Eat healthily

Eating healthily is something the whole family can get on board with. Come up with a list of simple yet healthy meals that are full of flavor that you can serve up each day. Get familiar with slow cooking, each morning throw some meat, veggies and seasonings into the pot and by the evening you have a delicious home cooked meal with none of the hassle. You’ll have more energy and it will make a positive difference to both your mental and physical health.

The following tips can help you to reach your goals, stay productive in life and career and generally achieve everything you set out to do.