Jen Martensen

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Backline Business Consulting offers business operations for entrepreneurs and small companies — particularly artists and those in creative industries. My strongest talents lie in planning and managing “the business stuff” so clients can shine in their spotlight.

All businesses have essential components in common: products, services, sales, marketing, clients, personnel, legal, finances, tools. The combination and management of those elements are unique to each entity. Typically, this is not where creative people thrive or get excited. I revere every kind of creativity, and I geek out about numbers, processes, and contracts.

Backline can assess and address needs in these areas: Defining Service Offerings & Processes, Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities; Researching & Implementing Tools; Project Plans & Management; Agreements & Contracts; Proposals & Strategy; Finding Strategic Partners; Bookkeeping; Financial Operations & Optimization.
My career started in entertainment journalism. I’ve managed a legendary New York recording studio, worked for a major record label, been a partner in an independent label, and have been a producer/project manager/vendor manager for digital marketing agencies through the entire internet age.

I often say I’m a business model nerd and can’t help but consider the financial, logistic or legal/intellectual property considerations of any business situation. I’m a diligent and resourceful problem solver, really good with money, and not afraid of technology. I may be the most organized person you’ll ever meet. My unique experience allows me to empathize with and understand my clients, and I take pride in collaborating, communicating and connecting with a wide range of personalities.