Jen Martensen

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Anyone can start a business with a great idea and a decent dose of bravery, and without a lot of business knowledge or experience. You can leap off many cliffs driven by personal passion and some startup funds.

As an entrepreneur you launch your own thing to curate an independent career rather than climb a corporate ladder. You’ve got to do what you do, work how you work, be who you are, with the goals of managing your own time and crafting your own path. You know that “the business stuff” needs to be well managed for everything to succeed but you don’t enjoy, or aren’t skilled at, handling that part.

You don’t have to be the one to do it.

Backline offers back office/operations services to for small business owners—especially artists and creative entrepreneurs. Let Backline be your collaborative partner to manage the business behind your creativity.

We’ll work together to find the right balance between the left brain and right brain of your business, to help you spend less time and energy in your operations and more time on the reasons you launched in the first place.

A leader and connector with a penchant for process, I often say I’m a business model nerd—I can’t help but think about the financial, people, timing, and legal or intellectual property considerations involved in any business situation.

I consider myself genuinely lucky that I am both creative and business-minded. I truly do use both sides of my brain and have unique professional experience that has taught me to empathize with and understand how artists and creatives think and work.

I’m a diligent and resourceful problem solver. I am really good with money. I’m not afraid of technology. I have a natural intuition for seeing possibilities, making social and professional introductions, and I am proud of my talents for collaborating and communicating with a wide range of personalities, roles, and levels.

I am excited about helping future clients and partners of Backline.