Creative Women Interview with Julia Rymer Brucker

01. Summarize your life in a few sentences It is hard to summarize- let’s just say it is busy, full, and rarely boring! I am an artist, a creative entrepreneur, a mom, and an avid yogi and skier. 02. What’s your background? I grew up in Colorado, where I developed a...

Creative Women Interview with Serena Holmes

Saloni Doshi, CEO of EcoEnClose

Creative Women Interview with Saloni Doshi

Saloni Doshi, CEO of EcoEnClose


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Creative Women’s Co. is a series of intimate gatherings for creative women entrepreneurs to connect with each other on a personal level, learn together and spark collaborations.

Building and fostering genuine relationships among creative women entrepreneurs can be challenging. At Creative Women's Co. we believe that it all started at a personal level connection. We value intimate networking events as a way for us to get to know each and everyone who attend the events. Our events are less like meeting up with random professionals but a gathering to see friends, learn together and create collaborations.