This year has been a time for reflection – a pause in our regular working schedules to appreciate what matters, and to think through our careers, our businesses, and our lifestyles. One of the significant outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic has been to force companies to reassess their position in their market, considering ways to digitize and push most of their sales online. And of course, to sell online, you need a great website to offer to consumers. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to revamp your site to boost your online sales this year.

Connect With Others

Sometimes the best tonic is connecting to others who have a passion in the same area. Hearing other people talk about why they do what they do can give you the spark to approach things with new eyes. So find some local networking events, go to listen to a thought leader in your field do a talk or join some LinkedIn Groups for specialist topics in your industry. It just might remind you why you fell in love with it all in the first place.


All website revamps should start with a review. Take a look through your pages and consider what is working well and what isn’t looking so good. Remember that design is about the visual quality of your websites, but also how it runs – how you’re able to direct consumers through from your home page, or your blog pages, to the product listings that will help you to shift your stock. Once you’ve decided what your priorities are, you’ll be able to go back to the backend to look through the code that will need changing to revamp your site.


Designing a website is tricky. You have to reassemble templates that you built through one of the world’s leading hosting platforms or, if you left your initial design to a web designer, you’d have to find a new designer to help you change your site for the better. Make contact with experts at ALT Agency to get the help you need to realize your redesign ambitions, giving them a thorough brief to help them understand the kind of website that you’re looking to create in 2020. Above all, make sure you have the skills to achieve your revamp – most importantly, an expert designer.

Sales Options

One of the most significant pieces of advice for those wishing to sell more of their excellent online is to diversify your payment options. When a consumer looks to purchase from your website, they’re more likely to fill a cart and checkout fully with your firm if they can see that they’ll be able to pay with their preferred digital payment method. This doesn’t just include the likes of card payments and digital wallets – but can extend to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and more. The more options you provide, the more consumers will part with their cash on your site.

SEO Boost

There’s another essential element to your website that goes beyond how it looks, how easy it is to navigate, and what payment methods you’re offering – and that’s SEO. To optimize your website for search engines – specifically Google’s crawlers – you need to ensure that you’ve made your website in line with the principles of good SEO design that help boost your ranking in Google’s search results. More than that, you should also consider starting a blog page where you can use content marketing techniques to boost your SEO ranking there, too. Make sure you’re boosting SEO as part of your website revamp.

Use the four tips outlined above to give your website a shot of energy and vitality in the latter half of 2020.