The fact that we know most of you won’t even think about your employee happiness on a daily basis is sad, but we know it’s true. The amount of companies out there that treat their employees like they’re nothing is truly sad. Not to mention the ones that completely disregard them as people! But there are some shining examples of companies who really do treat their employees well. We’re talking about the likes of Google, who have nap pods for their employees to have a little rest during the day. We know not all of you will entertain the thought of something like this, but surely there are a few things that you could do a little differently to ensure your employees are happy within your company. If you know your companies reputation for employee treatment is low, have a read of this article to change your ways!

Handle Their Situations Better

This is where most companies fail. An employee isn’t going to be easy work, we’ll never deny that, but the way in which their situations are handled can sometimes be a complete mess. Take their personal situations as an example. Whilst they shouldn’t affect their work too much, you should always try and find a way to comfort them if you know they’re having a problem. Give them half a day off, allow them to confide in you, simply things like that. If they’re having a problem in work with another employee, this should always be handled in the quickest manor possible. As soon as you catch wind of it, both employees should be spoken to, and the situation dissolved in a day. If their situation is that they’re having problems within their role, i.e they’re doing something wrong, never address it in an aggressive manor. If an employee is struggling to get to grips with something, they should be spoken to rather than spoken at. It’s so easy for them to learn from their mistakes when it is dealt with in a relaxing manor.

Manage Their Money Better

Their money is going to be the main reason why they’re coming in to work. But so many companies fail to manage it correctly. Payments will either be wrong, late, and dealt with in a rubbish manor. One way of managing it is by create a pay-stub. This is a paycheck that both of you can use as a reference, and any issues can be flagged up instantly, and dealt with instantly. You should be generating a paycheck no matter what so that both of you have a copy of income!

Reward Them More Frequently

This is essential. Your employees need to know that they are valued within your company, and the only way you’re going to be able to do that is if you’re rewarding them more frequently. Even if it is just a free lunch every few weeks, it’s still showing them that you care. Of course, you should also think about money rewards with monthly bonuses!