What if you can have new clothes every week? On top of that, add new handbags and other accessories as well. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, the fashion team at Le Tote has grant your wish.

If you haven’t heard about Le Tote, it’s a women’s fashion rental service offering UNLIMITED boutique style apparel and accessories. It’s a subscription based service. Once you create your account, start with adding fashion items (shirts, dress, pants, etc.) to your favorites. On Le Tote platform, favorites are called closet. You can then wait until they send you your first Tote, which is your package bundle of fashion items they curated for you. You will still give the chance to swap any items you want until you give a green light for them to finalize and ship it to you.

Once you receive your Tote, you can Wear everything for as long or as little as you want! You can also purchase anything you love by holding on to it. When you’re ready for another Tote, send some/all of the items back, then they’ll ship a new box immediately. Easy right?

I’ve tried both Stitch Fix and Le Tote, and I found Le Tote to be the best solution for my wardrobe problem (which is way… to many clothes and I have an urge to always have something new). If you feel like you have similar situation, why not give it a try. PLUS, GET $25 TO TRY LE TOTE, yup if you follow this link, you can get $25 off your first month with Le Tote.

photo credit: Le Tote