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Chicago Creative Women’s Brunch: Life Design 101

Design Thinking is a powerful tool to ease uncertainty and navigate transitions. So why don’t apply it to our lives? Our guest speaker, Pilu Sanchez, shared her insights about some of the most common assumptions that get us stuck. At the event in EvolveHer last month,...

Chicago Creative Women’s Brunch: Never Take No for An Answer!

It was a fun and eye-opening time at our CWC Brunch! Our guest speaker, Kelley Kitley of Kelly Kitley Serendipitous Psychotherapy LLC, guided us on making short long-term goals  while creating a vision for our next steps in our career. Kelley led us through a...

CWC Chicago: Branding Trifecta Panel Event

Would you fly to Paris to stylistically manifest your brand? Would you create a brand that is bigger than yourself? How will your brand speak itself into existence? How would its voice be heard loud enough to create engagement? In today's fast-paced world where we...

CWC Chicago: Breakfast & Conversations February 2018

Ever walk into an interview and feel like you're just repeating your job history along with your 3 best traits and 3 habits you could improve over and over? Towards the end of the forty-five minutes you just hope you stood out over the other candidates and walk out of...

CWC Chicago: Self-Care Panel Event

Work-life balance is a myth! You might have heard that it is. But honestly, it's a lifestyle. For creative entrepreneurs like us who always hustling every day (and sometimes every weekend as well), work-life balance can be a myth. On the February 18th, 2018, we hosted...

CWC Chicago: Creative Brunch November 2017

We see visual messages every single day. Day in and day out we will see multiple brands putting their messages out. We lean towards photographs that are more relaxed and move towards the lifestyle kind of way. Speaking of lifestyle and photography, at the November...

CWC Chicago: Creative Brunch October 2017

In today's world, women need each other's support now more than ever. Whether you're looking to move up the corporate ladder or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur, the truth is you'll get further along (and faster) with the help of a supportive community. At...

CWC Chicago: Creative Brunch September 2017

Sheryl Sandberg. Emma Watson. Maya Angelou. What do these amazing women all have in common? They've admitted to feeling like an imposter, a fraud. The term "Imposter Syndrome" was first coined in 1978 by Georgia State to identify the phenomenon where successful women...

CWC Chicago: Speed Mentoring Event 2017

Have you always want to have a mentor to help maximize your potential? Want to interact with inspiring and successful creative women entrepreneurs in Chicago? Have you ever attended networking events hoping to meet and learn from women leaders you admire, only to find...

CWC Chicago: Creative Brunch May 2017

Working with corporate clients may not be your current goal, but there are clear benefits to creating those relationships. At this event, we were so excited to have Dannie Fountain back at our event as the guest speaker again. She addressed her journey through working...

Creative Women’s Co. 2 Years Anniversary 2017

We turned 2 this year and created a party to celebrate it with other Chicago creative women for our very special evening. We teamed up with Niku Ghalkani of Paris312 to dress up the party and invited her to share her story and insights on developing her idea and...

CWC Chicago: Creative Brunch March 2017

Have you ever feel that your marketing plan and to-do's need more attention from you? Are you lost in not knowing how to execute an easy plan for it? So did we! Luckily our guest speaker, Lidia Varesco Racoma, helped us with her 10-Minute Marketing ideas where we...




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Creative Women’s Co. is a series of intimate gatherings for creative women entrepreneurs to connect with each other on a personal level, learn together and spark collaborations.

Building and fostering genuine relationships among creative women entrepreneurs can be challenging. At Creative Women's Co. we believe that it all started at a personal level connection. We value intimate networking events as a way for us to get to know each and everyone who attend the events. Our events are less like meeting up with random professionals but a gathering to see friends, learn together and create collaborations.