Rebecca Solis, creator of Little Brownn Suitcase, talks about going from newly wed to co-business owners with her husband, Jawnos, in this latest podcast episode. The key to making it work? Separating and setting boundaries for work and personal life. And of course, communication is key! Little Brownn Suitcase specializes in everything bridal and gives all their products  sass and flare. Rebecca is the head creator/designer, making sure every bride walks away with something to make their day even more special. Jawnos is the carpenter/builder of the company, taking Rebecca’s designs and bringing them to life. The two of them really make the perfect pair, but in marriage and in business, it takes a lot to make it all work.  Listen to this week’s episode to learn how Rebecca built a business and a life with her partner Jawnos, what daily challenges they face as a couple, and what’s next for them and Little Brownn Suitcase.

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Ep 16 - Building a Life and a Business with Your Significant Other with Rebecca Solis

by Ari Krzyzek | Creative Women's Co. Podcast


Little Brownn Suitcase creates custom wedding & bridal pieces, decor, mugs, tees. They specialize in wedding decor, but also create custom orders. Everything you order is handmade.

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