Francesca Ragucci has always been very entrepreneurial minded-even at a young age! Starting a babysitting business in middle school, Francesca would go to her mother’s pilates classes and found her clients easily from all the other moms attending these classes. She recognized these women as her target market and created a booming babysitting business that she expanded once she went to high school. From that point on Francesca knew that owning her own business was the career path for her. Now she runs Francesca Ragucci Marketing, a social media branding and management business that creates meaningful content and visuals to help established business owners garner relationships through mobile communication. Tune in to this episode to find out how Francesca started her own marketing company, why establishing a workflow and business process will help keep you ahead of the game, and what Francesca’s future plans are for her business.

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Ep 15 - Client Workflow & Expectations: Have Your Business’s Process in Place with Francesca Ragucci

by Ari Krzyzek | Creative Women's Co. Podcast


Working with Francesa Ragucci will provide your business an outside perspective. You will benefit from her having familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities available. Her clients partner with her because they know their business will thrive with an online presence to tell the story & lifestyle element of the business.

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