Miranda Nahmias is the founder of Mirandia Nahmias & Co and a super passionate self-professed “marketing nerd” who loves helping businesses transform into a systemized, well-oiled machine by taking care of all their marketing needs-and then some! She works with small businesses and clients as their own “personal cheerleader” giving advice, raising questions, and making them realize their potential. We all need a Miranda Nahmias on our side! Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about Miranda’s journey into digital marketing, her 3 Main Steps Method, and how she keeps on top of it all!

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Ep 13-Education, Action, and Reflection: 3 Steps to Start Your Business with Miranda Nahmias

by Ari Krzyzek | Creative Women's Co. Podcast


Miranda Nahmias runs a digital marketing team for online service providers. Her site provides helpful tips about how to attract new clients and systemize the backend of businesses. Miranda and her team are super passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals.

Website: Mirandia Nahmias & Co Facebook: @Mirandanahmias Instagram: @mirandanahmias


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