Perhaps one of the most difficult things in life is finding the perfect outfit. We all want to look impeccably, especially when it comes to the events with a special dress code request. I hear it all the time how stressful it is to find that ideal attire, which would conform the dress code and allow a person to feel confident. But in reality, it is not as complicated as it might seem if you are familiar with the fundamentals of dress code guidelines, basic style principles and appeased with your individual style.

Individual style is absolutely a key player in anything you wear. It is your personality, your creativity, and your self-knowledge that are expressed through your clothes. Therefore, always choose the garment that will represent you the best and follow these style principles: clean hair, bold color lips, fresh manicure, good perfume, statement accessories and good shoes. But at the same time, make sure you adhere to the specific dress code requirements. Formal, semi-formal, business casual, casual chic, after-six, dress to impress and many more different names you can see on the invitations that may sound tricky, but, actually, all dress codes can be categorized just into a few simple groups.

Black Tie

Black Tie is the most formal dress code for social events that start after 6PM and requires appropriate and sophisticated level of dressing. For women, such dress code calls for a floor-length gown or a tea-length refined dress in elegant and rich color. Black Tie for men typically translates to tuxedo with a bow-tie or dark suits may be acceptable in some occasions.

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail Attire is a semi-formal dress code that suggests a classy and elegant suit + white shirt and a simple tie for men. For women, it means a party-ready dress. Something bold, beautiful silhouettes and vibrant colors. Don’t forget the heels and bold lip.

Festive Attire

Festive Attire is close to cocktail attire but with a hint of the holiday bent. Sequin or a red color dress for women and a holiday-themed tie with a suit or smoking jacket for men.

Business Attire

Business Attire dress code simply calls for a suit + tie for the guys and a tailored dress, pencil skirt and a blouse, or a pantsuit for ladies. Make sure that the hemlines of the dress or a skirt is knee length.

Casual Attire

Casual Attire. This category means you can wear anything you feel comfortable in. However, be mindful and do not show up in sweats. Jeans with a sweater or t-shirts and sandals or sneakers are great choices for this type of a dress code. You can always add some jewelry to dress up your outfit.

Do not be afraid or annoyed with the invitation that has a special dress code but rather get in the mood, be creative and follow these simple rules. I promise, you will end up feeling beautiful, confident and having a good time!