Have you always want to have a mentor to help maximize your potential? Want to interact with inspiring and successful creative women entrepreneurs in Chicago? Have you ever attended networking events hoping to meet and learn from women leaders you admire, only to find that approaching them is just too awkward?

No matter what point you are in your career, having a mentor can help you flourish, improve your personal and professional development.

A week ago we hosted our very first speed mentoring event for Chicago’s creative women where all mentees got a chance to have a one-on-one discussion with our mentors. Each mentees has up to 3 mentors to talk to and ask them the question around career, personal & professional development, and insights on creative entrepreneurship.

Hosted at the beautiful space DL LOFT, we kicked off the event with an intro from our founder Ari Krzyzek about why mentorship is something that she values and has changed her path and why Creative Women’s Co. is excited to host this annually going forward for Chicago’s creative women.
Imagine this, 15 mentors and 15 mentees. Each mentee was paired with 3 mentors and wad given 15 minutes to talk to each mentor. It was amazing to see how excited and pumped up to ask their questions and have the discussion with their mentors accompanied by rose water from H2Rose. At the very end of the event, we got a chance to try out the lunch from Eat Purely and conclude the event.

We wouldn’t be able to make this event happen without the support of mentors:

  1. ARI KRZYZEK Creative Director & Chief Designer of Chykalophia and Founder of Creative Women’s Co.
  2. LAUREN RAMSEY Chief Engagement Officer of Betsy Bash
  3. DANNIE FOUNTAIN Strategist. Author. Educator. Dannie
  4. ANDREA KLUNDER Producer of The Creative Impostor Podcast& Podcast Envy Coach
  5. CHYREL BANIAS Owner and Creative Director of Lil Epic Design LLC
  6. LIDIA VARESCO RACOMA Art Director & Designer of Lidia Varesco Design and founder of Biz Mama
  7. HEATHER VICKERY Founder, Life + Business Coach of Vickery & Co.
  8. KELLY PAGE Founder and Curator of Grateful4Her
  9. GABRIELLE VALDES Co-Executive Director at Prismatic
  10. LIZ FLORES Artist + Storyteller, Liz Flores Art
  11. ISABELLE RIZO Singularity Storyteller, Isabelle Rizo
  12. NIKKI RICKS Creative Business Strategist at Gab Lab
  13. HEATHER BUBLICK CEO at Feast & Imbibe
  14. TAMMY GARZA published, poet, inspirational speaker

Thank you to: Chykalophia for organizing, design, H2Rose and Eat Purely for sponsoring.

Also shoutout to Lyft for giving us a free ride*, Betsy Bash for helping with social media promotion, Dahlia Blooms for the beautiful florals. Awesome Creative Women’s Co. volunteers team for helping with setting up and break down. Naomi Epstein Photography for the amazing photography of the event (see the full photo gallery of the event here). Did you miss our event? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for our upcoming events and bunch of other fun stuff. Or checkout the next events that we’re planning. We hope to meet and hear your story 🙂

*Special offers on new Lyft riders only