Have you been overwhelmed with ideas, goals and the future? Unsure how to answer the famous questions “what do you want”, “what makes you happy”, “what’s your brand”? Are you eager to find direction for the specific work you want for your career/business?

Sometimes we feel the same way too! So we hosted a special creative craft brunch with vision board activity that helps you create and clarify your dreams through visuals.

Our Chicago co-host Jacqueline Marie of Tweaked Style shared her tips and guidance on how to craft vision board for your personal brand, while our founder Ari Krzyzek from Chykalophia gave a vision board guideline on using vision board for your business brand.

We started with a story telling from our venue partner, Alize from Desklabs. This coworking space has three floors and a beautiful rooftop area. Many of our attendees felt so comfortable during the event and look forward to utilizing the space for their own need for coworking space.

Right after, Jacqueline and Ari took over to share their insights on crafting a vision board. We knew everyone is so excited to do their vision boards. So we went on with the crafting activity afterward.

We asked everyone to bring their favorite magazines and crafting skills for this super creative event. It felt so relaxing to finally be able to devote some time to refocus on your goal and find images to fit them into your vision boards, especially with the help of vision board guideline that Ari has provided.

Vision Board Guideline

  1. Create specific goals or a list of your highest priorities for either personal or business brand. Or both!
  2. Put images, text/quotes that inspire and motivates you on your vision board, the purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life.
  3. Get crafty. Create a collage and glued/pin into your board.
  4. Set a time frame for your vision board (3 months, 6 months, or any time frame you like).

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