We had our first Creative Women’s Co. Bali Summit 2018 in Bali recently where we talked about a few topics related to entrepreneurship, business and leadership to help attendees move forward with their business and inspire new ideas. Whether they are currently thinking of launching a side hustle, converting a side hustle into a real business or to inspire them to take the next step as a leader in their industry!

We collaborated with Womenwill and Google Business Group Bali an initiative from Google. The summit was filled with over fifty women at the event who are looking to network, learn and inspire one another.

We had a day full of great discussions and listening to stories from such a diverse group of women. Our founder, Ari Krzyzek wanted to make sure we can inspire local women in Bali. In doing so, she curated a list of amazing women of both local Indonesian women entrepreneurs and expat women entrepreneurs living in Bali, Indonesia.

The event was opened by an intro Google Bali Group Bali Manager, Faye Alund and followed by a keynote speech Ari Krzyzek. Right after, we discussed How to Turn An Idea to Real Money with Maryse LaRocque who is the Head of Retail at Atlas Pearl.

We then hear the Ultrawoman story by Made Arini Hanindharputri who is the Chairwoman of Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali. She shared her insights juggling life as a Balinese woman where her day-to-day activities revolve around her family, life, career, managing a school, social life and culture routines.

After the break, we talked with Ni Komang Milla Rositha, Director of Bali Cocco Fiber and Vina Andriyani, Certified Interpreter & Translator on a panel session about Entrepreneurs’ Myths, Fantasy, Burnouts and Advancements.

We also learn a lot about What Clients Really Want and the Sh** that Drives Them Crazy presented by Chantell Glenville, Author, Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant. Then we close the event with a fireside chat with both Diana Phillips, Owner of The Mouse and The Elephant and Nova Hissy, Freelance Illustrator on a topic of How Much Are You Worth? We talked about how to better price your self our your projects and discussed experiences around it.

ABOUT Womenwill: Google started the Womenwill initiative to create economic opportunity for women by connecting them to the online world and tools to make the most of it. From helping women in rural villages get online and bringing together women entrepreneurs, to advocating for more inclusive workplaces and partnering with groups like UN Women to drive conversations around gender equality, we develop and support programs to help women build skills, get inspired, and connect with each other.

The conversations we had at the event flow consistently with everyone asking questions and giving ideas to one another. At the end of the event, we all got a chance to network with other creative women who came and continuing our conversations online on our Facebook group. Did you missed our event? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for our upcoming events and bunch of other fun stuff. Or check out the next events that we’re planning. We hope to meet and hear your story 🙂 Photo credit: Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali.