Once you move into a large office, you will finally have enough space to start welcoming clients for meetings and important chats. However, you can’t just start to invite them over as soon as you move in – you need to work on making the office a bit more welcoming to them at first. If your workspace doesn’t come across as professional, then this could reflect badly on your business as a whole and the work that you carry out. So, it is ever so important that your office and meeting spaces give a very good impression. Here are some ways you can ensure they do just that.

Ensure It’s Accessible

First of all, you need to make sure that the office is accessible to everyone, especially those who are disabled. If you have a carpark, there needs to be a disabled parking space near the main entrance. You also need to make sure a lift or stairlift is in place if your office is on the first floor or higher in the building. Don’t forget the toilets as well. If you don’t have a disabled cubicle, then you need to add one.

It Needs To Be Easy To Find

Your clients won’t want to waste any time getting lost trying to find your office, so make sure that it is easy enough to get to. When you are emailing them beforehand, make sure you add some clear directions for them. It’s also worth going to a firm like BossLaser that can create an engraved sign for you. This company name sign can be put outside your main entrance so that everyone passing knows that you are inside.

Create A Peaceful Waiting Area

Once your clients arrive, you might not be able to see them straight away. So, it’s a good idea to create a waiting area close to the reception where they can wait for you in peace and quiet. To make it extra comfortable, add a stylish sofa and some healthy snacks. It’s also a nice idea to add a small Nespresso coffee machine so your visitors can help themselves to a hot drink.

Focus On The Decor

It’s also necessary to focus on the decor of the whole office and make sure that it looks stylish and fresh. This is especially useful if you will be giving tours to some of your clients. After all, if one room looks dated and old-fashioned, it could spoil the overall impression of the entire office.

Add Some Privacy

Sure, open-plan offices are very fashionable at the minute, but they don’t provide much privacy. If one of your clients has visited you to discuss some sensitive business, it’s best to take them to a private meeting room. So, always add some private spaces even if the main area of your office is all open.

Once you start to use these tips in your office, you will find that it becomes a lot more welcoming to your clients. And that should make your meetings more successful!