Having issues getting organized? Tired of acting as your own accountant, Marketing Manager, design team, and everything in between?

We gathered at CityGirl@Work with Melissa Leger to talk through ways to systemize our attendees’ businesses and make more time for living life.

The conversation was spirited and informative. Our attendees had lots of input for each other from their go-to software to life-saving automation platforms that everyone wrote down with vigor. Melissa brought her insights towards focusing on important tasks and coming up with more efficient ways to tackle them.

ABOUT Our Speaker: Melissa Leger is a Small Business Consultant, she has a wide range of experience from the military, hospitality, financial services, and entrepreneurship. Her passion is helping other entrepreneurs work through the challenges that all small business face. Her expertise lies in systemization, working through employee issues, training, and development, and helping business owners find freedom through their business. In her spare time, she likes to travel, play with her dogs, garden, and cook.

The conversations we had at the event flow consistently with everyone asking questions and giving ideas to one another. At the end of the event, we all got a chance to network with other creative women who came and continuing our conversations online on our Facebook group. Did you missed our event? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for our upcoming events and bunch of other fun stuff. Or check out the next events that we’re planning. We hope to meet and hear your story 🙂 Photo credit: Photography By Amy Bojanowski.