No matter what point you are in your career, having a mentor can help you flourish, improve your personal and professional development.

We gathered Chicago creative women entrepreneurs at our second speed mentoring event where they got a chance to have a one-on-one discussion with our mentors. They had up to 3 mentors to talk to and asked them questions around career, personal & professional development, and insights on creative entrepreneurship.

It was such a thrill to have everyone in the room together a-buzz with excitement and eagerness to get started with speed mentoring. Our Keynote Speaker, Sarah-Eva Marchese, Founder and CEO of Floracracy, spoke about her journey from a background in terrorist profiling and a degree from St. Andrews, to creating an innovative floral company that integrates tech and personalization. It was a day filled with laughter, enthralling conversation, and valuable takeaways for both mentors and mentees.

Everyone had an amazing time connecting with others plus, at the end of the event, Floracracy surprised everyone with their floral arrangements for everyone to take home as a small thank you gift.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Sarah-Eva is the Founder and CEO of Floracracy, the first online flower company that lets users design personalized arrangements. Sarah-Eva stumbled upon the wild world of flowers while planning her wedding. She discovered there were no resources for the florally illiterate, like her, to design flowers in their style. Combining her technology experience and passion to do something big, Sarah-Eva is committed to bringing together flowers and people by creating new ways to customize and experience flowers for the biggest moments of life.

The conversations we had at the event flow consistently with everyone asking questions and giving ideas to one another. At the end of the event, we all got a chance to network with other creative women who came and continuing our conversations online on our Facebook group. Did you missed our event? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for our upcoming events and bunch of other fun stuff. Or check out the next events that we’re planning. We hope to meet and hear your story 🙂 Photo credit: Victoria Gamlen Photography.