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Member Spotlight with Mary Liu

After I launched my e-commerce product and was spending only a few hours a week managing it on the side, I was ready to find my next passion project. I ended up buying an educational course to learn more about online business, and business coaching was an idea that stemmed out of that.

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Creative Women Interview with Van Lai-DuMone

I have been really fortunate in my career in the sense that the right opportunities have consistently opened up for me. So when I think of a highlight in my career, I actually don’t think about one particular thing. What comes to mind is having had the ability to pick myself up when a start-up failed, a business closed, or an investor pulled out of a deal – and create something new. I’ve adapted the saying ‘When one door closes, another door opens,’ to ‘When one door closes, several more doors open.’

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Creative Women Interview with Edyta Czajkowska

I feel like there is no typical day in the interior design business. One day I could spend all day on an install and another I could be at the showrooms sourcing goods—it really varies. But for the most part, my day usually starts off with breakfast and lots of snuggles and kisses with my kiddos as we plan what we are going to do when I get home. Once I am at my desk, I grab a coffee and tend to my emails, follow up on phone calls, and check on orders. Then I dive into my plan for the day! A lot of the time I will be out and about at various showrooms searching for the perfect piece for a client—whether it be tile, fabric, wallpaper, or a unique vintage find. In the middle of the day, I schedule meetings with potential clients or vendors to see what’s new and exciting. Finally before heading home, I might pop in to a project to check on construction progress and make sure everything is looking according to plan. I truly believe that there is no better way to end my day than by being present with my kids and family, and if I’m lucky, a bubble bath or a bit of reading before bed.

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Member Spotlight with Meg McKeen

As the founder of Adjunct Advisors, LLC, I wear a couple of different hats! I provide outsourced training and development solutions for insurance agents through one-on-one coaching and in-person workshops, and I also work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain confidence in the process of building business insurance solutions through educational events.

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Creative Women Interview with Victoria Gamlen

My photography inspiration comes from fashion magazine editorials and other publications such as The New York Times Style section and the WSJ magazine. I also get a lot of inspiration from the fine art portraiture at the Art Institute. As far as what inspired me to start a photography business and continue to build it even when things get hard, that’s definitely been seeing and reading about other creative women making a living from their art. The vulnerability about their struggles and obstacles and how they overcame them when building a business is what inspires me most to keep going.

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Creative Women’s Co. Bali Summit 2018

We had our first Creative Women’s Co. Bali Summit 2018 in Bali recently where we talked about a few topics related to entrepreneurship, business and leadership to help attendees move forward with their business and inspire new ideas. Whether they are currently thinking of launching a side hustle, converting a side hustle into a real business or to inspire them to take the next step as a leader in their industry!

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