Every small business owner or entrepreneur desperately seeks the optimal level of productivity. However, if you’ve never done so before, it can be a challenge to motivate your employees towards the top level of productivity. Yes, there are team-building efforts, but these are cliche. They are tired. They are woefully out of fashion. Instead, it would help if you looked at other, more human ways to generate this productivity.

Managers need to have expectations for their employees, and when you’re running a small business, these expectations are often higher than average compared to multinational corporations. This is because one wrong move could be the block that has the whole tower tumbling down.

You need to be consistent with your expectations, though. It’s not enough to expect everyone to produce their best possible work. It’s also vital that you keep your attitude consistent throughout each level of seniority. Employees who don’t know how you will react will be scared to make a mistake, and this will impact their work, slow productivity, and worry about asking for clarification.

Free Up Their Time

Everyone is susceptible to burnout, and while there will always be deadlines to meet, it’s also vital that no one overworks. Doing too much can wear employees down. It saps their creativity, and their work suffers because of it.

Instead of expecting them to do everything, work with services such as XBASE to better manage issues within the office. This will take away some responsibility and free up time for your employees to focus on more critical tasks and projects.

Flexible Working

Flexible working hours are beginning to become the norm across a range of industries. It allows employers to work from home, leave the office to attend appointments without throwing everyone else’s day into chaos, and it can also help boost their productivity.

Presenteeism is something that can affect even the most motivated individual, and sitting at a desk all day, even when work is completed, will not do them any favors. People need breaks, and if that means taking a stroll around the grounds to clear their head or work from home to cope with the mountain of other commitments they have outside of work, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

Give Them Realistic Goals

There’s a section of the business world that consider unattainable goals to be a key driver in boosting productivity. However, employees are not stupid, and they will soon recognize there is always another hoop to jump through.

Rather than set unrealistic targets, instead consider setting the bar a little lower. Meeting goals and completing projects helps boost their confidence and, in turn, their productivity. Once they are settled, then you can think about raising the stakes while they have a fantastic base of success to build upon.

Give Your Business A Boost

Finding the optimal level of productivity will help everyone feel like there is more time in the day. It will ease the stress on each employee and generate a happy atmosphere around the office. You don’t need to go on an office camping trip; all you need to do is remember that they are human.