Take Your Creativity Global

You’ve built your creative business on hard work, dedication and your talents. It’s been hard work at times but you can rightly look back and feel pleased with what you’ve achieved so far. But what if there’s more to come? What if it’s time to showcase your business offering to new markets and really put your name out there?

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So You Want To Run A Business Blog? Here’s How

There are blogs all over the internet, found in every corner, hole and through every veil. Think of a topic, and someone has probably blogged about it. Is there an issue with this? Of course not! Discussion and expression is how we grow as a society. However, it can be important to know that running a business blog can sometimes take you away from the usual posts that might occur when you’re reviewing personal experiences or posting your own trials and tribulations.

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5 Ways To Become A Better Marketer

When it comes to running your business successfully, there are always going to be different activities that you need to focus on. You know that you need to connect with your audience, and that you need to put out a great product. You also know that you need to look after your customers and make a bit of money along the way. So how can you make all of that a priority at once? Surely it’s too hard to manage it all? Definitely not – it’s something that you can absolutely nail with your marketing. But as you’re managing your business, you may not know exactly how you can become a better marketer. Let’s take a look at these five simple ideas.

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Make Your Business Work Like Magic

You might be thinking about starting your own business, but there could be something putting you off. Isn’t daily management going to be an absolute nightmare and cause you a lot of stress? While this could be an issue it’s also possible to make managing your business feel like magic. Wondering how? Don’t worry, that’s what this post is all about and there are a few great options that you should consider here.

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The Characteristics of Effective Business Website

Web design is somewhat of a niche skill in today’s world. Sure, there are plenty of designers out there that can create beautiful and functional websites using the latest technologies, design sensibilities and graphical prowess. However, what really sets apart a good website apart from a great website is in how it’s used.

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Member Spotlight with Mary Liu

After I launched my e-commerce product and was spending only a few hours a week managing it on the side, I was ready to find my next passion project. I ended up buying an educational course to learn more about online business, and business coaching was an idea that stemmed out of that.

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3 Tips To Increasing Your Online Presence

There is no doubt that having an online presence will generate traffic and hopefully boost sales for your company. But, how exactly do you develop an online presence? Is it just simply creating a website and hope that people find it? It is so much more than that.

People are more apt to search for things online before ever heading out to the stores and look around for it. Having an online presence will get people to talk about your business and share that information with others. This type of presence can come in the form of social media, profile on Linkedin, a regularly updated blog, online shop, or even posting on other people’s blogs.

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Boosting Your Business Capability While Boosting Your Brand

Your business is doing really well in 2019. It’s come so far from what it used to be a couple of years ago, and the website you set up has a steady amount of unique visitors every single month. You’ve cultivated your social media pages to perfection, and have a considerable following across them all, and you’re enjoying the attention you get from the online world. All in all, the branding you’ve been through is paying off, and you’re reveling in the new profits!

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