As women, it can be difficult to balance a career and family. Keeping up with work then coming home to care for the kids can be difficult, and it seems like there’s never enough help. Balancing work and life with kids can be a struggle, but here are a few ideas for getting around this.

Consider Part Time Work

Part time work can provide a happy medium between looking after your children and working. It helps you to keep one foot in the workplace, making it easier to transition back to full time later down the line. But you still have the time you need for your children. If your current workplace will allow you to do part time hours or flexible hours when you return from maternity leave it’s something to consider.

Keep Your Skills Up

Taking time off to have a baby can mean many months where you’re out of the workplace. There’s nothing wrong with taking as much time as you want or need, it’s a very personal decision and something that’s down to you and your circumstances. One tip if you do plan on staying out of work for a while (and part time isn’t’ an option) is to do something that can keep your skills up. You could start a blog, or sign up to a freelancing site and do some freelance writing. These are things that are very flexible but can earn you money and look good on your resume. One tip for when you are putting everything together on paper is to use a resume objective guide, this helps you to showcase the experience you have. By the time you return to work, you could have an established blog that earns you regular money on the side. It could even become your full time job!

Work a Flexible Job

Working for yourself allows you to be much more flexible, you’re the boss so things are done on your terms. If you’re working for clients then you will still have deadlines to meet, but you can control your workflow much more effectively and can decide the times and days that you want to work. Utilize the skills you have, or consider taking an online course or some training to get to where you need to be.