Starting an online business is definitely not for everyone, but if it’s something you’ve been thinking of doing, then this post is going to share some simple yet actionable steps you can take to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.

The most important aspect of your online business – at least when you’re first starting out is going to be getting your first paying clients.

You can build all the pretty websites you like, amass thousands of social media followers, etc, but without actual paying clients, then you don’t have a business, and none of those other things will mean anything.

So, that has to be your first priority – before anything.

STEP 1: Get clear on who your client is

It means get clear on the type of person your ideal client is, what they struggle with, what keeps them up at night, and what pressing problems they want solved right now.

The thing about your ideal client is, they’re just you – a few steps behind. So, think about the things you struggled with that you’ve overcome, think about the kind of person you are, and the kind of people you would love to have a coffee with – these are your clients.

Once you’re clear on who your talking to, then it makes it so much easier to actually build that connection and get to know them on a deeper level. If you just say your ideal client is anyone, then you’ll soon find you attract no one.

STEP 2: Get clear on how you help them

You can’t be everything to everyone, so it’s important to know what it is you help people with- this can be one thing, or it can be a multitude of things that achieve one outcome, but you need to get clear on this, as this is what forms the base of your business and allows you to actually offer products and services to the right people.

How do you want to be known by your ideal client? Are you going to work with only a few clients at premium prices, or do you want to build a large community and personal brand that allows people to work with you through low, mid and high end offerings depending on where they currently are in their journey?
Although there’s no right or wrong way here, it’s important to know this, because it will determine how you speak to people, and how you describe your offerings to them.

STEP 4: Build relationships

Your clients and potential clients are real people, not numbers, so treat them as real people. Have real conversations with them, and don’t just look at them as people to sell to.

The one best skill you can ever have in life and business is the ability to build and grow amazing relationships – you wouldn’t ask someone to move in with you on the first date, so don’t expect people to buy from you without showing them that you’re delivering value to them and their life first.

STEP 5: Be patient

Despite the overnight success hype that’s often portrayed on social media, success doesn’t actually happen overnight. Yes, you can get clients quickly, and you can create a new offer and start selling it within an hour if you really want to, but you need to have a solid foundation in place first. Your business is something you should be building for the long term or even something you may want to sell in the future.

If you are considering selling your business, then there are lots of places online to help you do this such as

Nothing happens without effort, so if you’re willing to put in the work, then you will get results – if you don’t, you won’t.