Getting more followers on Pinterest isn’t much different from getting followers on your social media accounts. You must be a contributing part of the community on a regular basis to get noticed. Here are a number of ways you can attract followers:

01. Add a “Follow Me on Pinterest” to Your Blog

Your blog and website should have a Follow Me button for Pinterest. If it doesn’t, add it now! You could be losing many potential followers. You can find this here on the Pinterest web site as well as other buttons and widgets.

02. Add a Pinterest Tab on Facebook

Facebook and Pinterest can work together very well if you add a Facebook Page Tab for Pinterest on your Facebook pages. It will directly link to your Pinterest account. This is a great feature. You can get it through Pinterest Tab for Pages from FNMaker. Or you can add it from Woobox which is what I use. I prefer this one because it shows your board names as well.

03. Cross-Promote Through Social Media

When people have signed up for your email list, you will want to let them know you have a Pinterest account they can follow. Then by adding social media share buttons (I use SUMO for my buttons which I love and they’re FREE) readers can share the content with others, which can get you more followers. This may seem like a no-brainer but people do forget to do this!

04. Use Effective Keywords

Keywords are important because that’s how people will find you when they are searching for information. Remember Pinterest is a search tool so you need to add keywords (as well as hashtags) in pin and board descriptions, board names, and your profile. KWFinder is a great online tool for finding keywords if you need help with this

05. Post Original Content Regularly

Don’t add 100 pins all at once; instead schedule them to go out periodically. This way you show up with something new often without appearing “spammy.” And the more often you show up with something new, the more chances you have of your pins showing up in the smart feed and attracting people to click on them. Tailwind is an online scheduler that can help you schedule your pins in advance. I use Tailwind myself and it saves me so much time. Click here for basic steps to scheduling a pin. If you haven’t setup your account yet you can start with a FREE TRIAL of Tailwind now. Sign up for their paid plan and RECEIVE A MONTH FREE ($15 credit).

06. Comment on Popular Relevant Pins

When you leave a comment on a pin, everyone who clicks on that pin can read your comment and can choose to follow you.

07. Repin Other People’s Content

When someone has content that you and your target audience find useful, repin it. When you repin other people’s content they may then repin you pins and follow you as well.

Getting more followers on Pinterest takes time. But by implementing these different strategies you will soon create a great following that will in turn drive traffic to your website and blog.